Monday, January 13, 2014

Natural Light

Somebody asked me (via email), "What's your favorite part of the day?" that made me stopped for a minute and think. haha! Hooray for your random questions readers! You are all making my day. In a nut shell, I told him that I love watching sunrise and sunset. Sunrise gives me that aura of positivity and excitement for what good things might happen during the day, while Sunset is so especial to me, and definetly one of my favorite part! for it reminds me of how blessed I am, to live another day, plus! Imagine watching sunset with your love ones? Super romantic and kilig right?
 Who can resist it's beauty? :)

Took all this photos, using nothing but the natural light! yay or nay?

Love love this top from Le Caprice!! and it's vintage effect! Super cute and wearable! I can sense that I'm to over use this! hihi 

Behind my serious,pa-tweetums looks,this is How I really pose when the cameras are on. Lol! Cray cray overload lang!

On me: Vintage Sheer top from Le Caprice | Shorts courtesy of Mango | wedge shoes courtesy of Primadonna

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Spread the love! Pray! Stay positive! Good things will follow. Happy monday Everyone! :*