Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Out!

Everyone deserves a break, indeed I must have one! After days of sleepless nights in doing some stuffs related to my blog. I definitely missed school! Especially having a day out with mii’loves (girlfriends). I can’t get through this loneliness for not seeing them *sigh* though some of them visited me the past few days, I’m still longing for their touch (ok what was that? haha). Any who a “girl’s date” will definitely blew me away! Plus an experiment I did for my denim outfit that you’ll be seeing later on this post.

First , Let me introduce to you my gorg date girlfriends! Yda (beside me) and cheska (on the right side of your screens) see how lovely these girls are!

Oww! and by the way that pretty babe beside ches is our baby aira! hi baby! hihi ♥

Yd and this cute pink heels! so candid-ly cute. haha

Trying to find a good bag that I can bring everywhere.

How do you like my outfit-experiment? hihi This denim jeans which I got from harvard is one of my favorite! so comfy to wear and so easy to pair up with other wardrobes.

On me:  Top from White Stag, Jeans from Harvard , floral shoes from Priviledged

Finally had a picture together! haha A day well spent! I miss and love you from bits to pieces girls.♥ 
Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies, will soon be embracing the month of  August! keep safe! xx :))