Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Taste Of Cold Breeze

Before the year ends me and my family make sure, that at some point, we'll treat ourselves by going out of town to unwind and at the same time, to bond as a whole family. Just recently, we took the chance of having a long vacation, to go to some places, and be with our relatives. In a nut shell, we decided to visit The city of Pines (Baguio City)! 

Baguio Welcome us with the famous lion head! We arrived at around 5 in the morning! Swear I'm freezing and I just want to stay inside the van. haha :))

First stop, Strawberry farm! This part is one of my favorite! Got a chance to picked strawberries on my own! Super saya! They were so tempting isn't it? :)

 Then, we headed to Burnham Park! Of course, for my younger cousins, this was the highlight of our vacation, Run here,there,and everywhere! Kaloka! Super lilikot nila! And as the eldest, I need to be patient enough, and watch them. They're so cute though. :)

 My Gorgeous and most kikay cousin, airis! hi baby! ♥

Lovelies, meet my sister! Alaine! We enjoyed this swing so much, that we don't even noticed everyone is preparing for our next destination na pala! haha! :)

"Love Love" with my cousins and aunts! Missed them so much!

We also visited CAMP JOHN HAY as for my mom's request. There, my cousins and I grabbed the opportunity to ride a horse, take a lot a pictures, bought some souvenirs, and went to a non-stop shopping!

Love love my denim top from Aupie.com! Perfect for the cold breeze! more outfitey posts for this top soon so stay tuned babies! :*

On me: floral corset from Zarah, belt from landmark, Giordano jeans, Dexter shoes, Mango bag, bennie from baguio, Denim lace long sleeves courtesy of Aupie.

That's it for now lovelies! Holiday festivities are over! I hope you all had a blast! Take care! :* ♥