Thursday, September 5, 2013

Neon Pink!

I think I haven’t tried wearing neon ensembles on my outfit, because I’m afraid it won’t match my skin color :p , though, I've been sighting  some pairs for quite some time now. And finally!!! After a long wait of pouring out my confidence box, I already had a way courage to wear one! Yey!   Two thumbs up for that!  Or a happy dance instead? haha  
From the moment I saw this top from pretty in pink I know to myself that I have to get one!  And from that day, I already knew that my white pair of shorts will compliment with its color.

Remember my spoiler-alert post about the bag I’m endorsing from everything you find?  I still can’t get over with the cuteness of this one! It’s super handy, and at the same time, I can easily put all my stuffs inside. I really love this bag! thank you ate Mishale!!  

You can use this bag in two ways, either a hand or a sling bag, for more classy bag choices please do visit everything you find facebook page HERE!.

And to complete my neon ensemble, I accessorize it with these new babies! A neon green mustache necklace and a Handmade anchor & wheel bracelet courtesy of Payless, this cutiepatooties are worth to have, they’re selling clothes and other accessories too, visit their shop Here!.

I can’t help myself not to smile and be so kilig while we’re on the shoot! Hihi I love you sponsors! For sending me these gifts!♥  Wink! ;)

On me : Neon top courtesy of Pretty in Pink, white Mango shorts, pumps form Primadonna, Kristine’s white bag and Ribbon ring courtesy of Everything you find, Mustache in neon green, anchor and wheel bracelet courtesy of Payless.

I hope you guys love my post! Take care lovelies! ♥