Monday, September 23, 2013

Everything you find New Collection

When it comes to bag preferences, I'd often go for hand or sling bags, 'coz I find it much easier to carry and get style. But since were experiencing a bipolar weather now a days, I'm investing stuffs which I can bring and use anywhere I go, without worrying on how I can secure my things especially when Mr. Rain comes along my way. That's why I'm looking for jelly or water proof bags/wallets.
In a nut corner, recently my big sis Mishale Aragoncillo (owner of Everything you Find) launch her new colection, and I bet you guys I smile ear to ear when I saw this! ^_^ 
Yes! these cutie patootie jelly/silicon wallets are up in her shop! :)) It's candy colors made me fall in love a little bit deeper! I less assure you guys, that it will definitely fit your daily hangouts.

 On the other hand, Everything you Find also have a glittered inspired wallets which you can bring over night parties,and special events. I'm pretty sure you'll all love these stuffs. Imagine it shimmering when party lights heat them? A head turner indeed! :)

 In case your also searching for organizer for your accessories , you might check on this one! A watch organizer that will surely make you and your babies happy! I've heard they also have this organizer in eight 8 compartments too!
For more questions and info. you can  check Everything you Find's facebook page or follow their instagram account HERE!
You can also shop, clothes, bags, fone accessories and the like there, for a very affordable price.Let's all raid Everything you Find lovelies!! Happy shopping! :))