Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Le Caprice,Nautical Cropped Top

If you've been a follower of my blog, I think you already know how I love shopping online, for I am a kind of shopper, who wants a hassle less yet wants to receive high quality products. Imagine your picked clothes, knocking your door? What a time saver right? 
Recently I've heard about this store "Le Caprice" owned by another blogger, who offer high quality clothes at a VERY AFFORDABLE prices, I hurridly search their facebook account(which you can see Here!) and try to find their official site (here!), and guess what I found?? A real fashion forward clothes!! So I started shopping, and indeed they're really cute and wearable in person!! :))

I love the details of this top! I even got some compliments from unknown people who I saw at the mall! Super kilig!! I feel so pretty as well, everytime I wear this! hahaha! pagbigyan! :)

Oh my! Have I told you before, that I'm on to my new hobby?? Haha! Oh well, I have my second mission for this year! and that is to collect, bonds,clips and ponytails from Pinkbox! Can't help to resist the cute-sy of thie products!! Agree? hihi Anywho, the clip I'm wearing here is ofcourse from Pinkbox. :)

Here's a closer look of this top! Super cute! Isn't it? :)

Make way to my new baby!! A brown wedge shoes from one of my favorite shoe brand! Primadonna!

On me: Nautical cropped top courtesy of Le Caprice | clip courtesy of Pinkbox | 
wedge shoes couresy of  Primadonna

Please visit Le caprice facebook page here! and their official site here! Have a blessed day lovelies!! Take care!! :)