Saturday, July 20, 2013

After the Storm

 Way back , years ago, when  I was still in grade school, while we’re all busy listening to our subject teacher  (most probably discussing at that moment. Lol ) a thunder strikes from somewhere, I was so scared and definitely carried away. Unconsciously, I hugged my classmate dash seatmate, and it took me a while to realize(finally) how embarrassing it was, ganito lang naman kase ang ganap ng face nya (0_0) haha! Alright, enough for my reminiscing stuff, let’s go back to the real meaning of my post-title!

 As of my experience, I failed, countless time I think and there’s this thing na one of my greatest dream talaga since I was young but unfortunately, I didn't make it *sigh*.  But you know what’s good after that storm? It gives me the courage, strength and hope of what a bright tomorrow might bring. That storm made me stronger, wiser and tougher so as to continue what I've started. If you guys, feel useless/hopeless for something you haven't achieve,don't be! you/we can do better next time at least now you probably can identify in what situation you lack that you need to concentrate more on with. Good vibes lang tayo! God do have BETTER plans for us! right?  

I remember, my older brother (by heart) defining what FAIL is, First Attempt ILearning. He also told me to learn to bite into the bright side of the situation, see how sweet he is . hihi ♥

Any who, here's another set of photos, from another quick shoot we had. Since I want to embrace positivity here in my blog as much as possible. I think it's better to share this one-fun-day I had lately, and my ootd na din at the same time! :))

On me: top from pretty simple, skirt from bazaar, silver doll shoes from dexter.

We may fail many times, but we shouldn't  ever think of quitting and must keep in mind that defeat was just a detour and not a dead end! 

Alright. Why am I being so candid these days? haha! ♥

Ola lovelies, I just want to take this opportunity to thank my new lovely sponsors : everything you find  by ms. mishale aragoncillo, Payless , and Blue star Production. Yay! ^_^ I'm so thankful and excited to work with you guys soon, and I will surely post an update here, including our photo shoots and events. Have an awesome weekend everyone! :)) -maine ♥