Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Le Caprice,Nautical Cropped Top

If you've been a follower of my blog, I think you already know how I love shopping online, for I am a kind of shopper, who wants a hassle less yet wants to receive high quality products. Imagine your picked clothes, knocking your door? What a time saver right? 
Recently I've heard about this store "Le Caprice" owned by another blogger, who offer high quality clothes at a VERY AFFORDABLE prices, I hurridly search their facebook account(which you can see Here!) and try to find their official site (here!), and guess what I found?? A real fashion forward clothes!! So I started shopping, and indeed they're really cute and wearable in person!! :))

I love the details of this top! I even got some compliments from unknown people who I saw at the mall! Super kilig!! I feel so pretty as well, everytime I wear this! hahaha! pagbigyan! :)

Oh my! Have I told you before, that I'm on to my new hobby?? Haha! Oh well, I have my second mission for this year! and that is to collect, bonds,clips and ponytails from Pinkbox! Can't help to resist the cute-sy of thie products!! Agree? hihi Anywho, the clip I'm wearing here is ofcourse from Pinkbox. :)

Here's a closer look of this top! Super cute! Isn't it? :)

Make way to my new baby!! A brown wedge shoes from one of my favorite shoe brand! Primadonna!

On me: Nautical cropped top courtesy of Le Caprice | clip courtesy of Pinkbox | 
wedge shoes couresy of  Primadonna

Please visit Le caprice facebook page here! and their official site here! Have a blessed day lovelies!! Take care!! :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lady in Black

Black never goes wrong when it comes to fashion, and I guess it's color will be forever into the fashion trend. Most of us, choose this color for it gives a safer look, and worry-less OOTD. I also feel sexier whenever I wear one in this shade hahaha! feeling payat! Super easy to pair with other ensemble as well. :)

Somehow, the simplicity of black color also gives a taste of sophistication, just like what I am wearing from one of the fashion authority brand Persunmall !

Got this lovely feather earrings and spike bracelet from Everything You Find! Thank you again EYF family and ate Mishale or these gorgeous gifts!

Pinkbox overload!! The moment I found this clip, I told to myself that I must have one! so cuute!! :))

Closer look of my front cut detailed chiffon vest,this will surely make your cold days hotter! Also come in yellow,red and white color! Go grab yours now! just visit. here!

Closer look of my Cute Cartoon Print Legging! Super love it's details! Especially those cute doodle prints!! Please visit persunmall as soon as you can, before this legging runs out of sock! :)

And I'm bringing sexy back! haha! 

On me: Front cut detailed chiffon vest and comic leggings courtesy of Persunmall | shoes courtesy of jannylin | feather earings and spike bracelet courtesy of Everything You Find | clip courtesy of Pinkbox

How's our day lovelies? Mine's going great! Enjoy the rest of the day! Take care loves! :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Prom Dress

Extravagant lights, Stunning gowns or cocktail dresses, High heels,Cool boys, Awesome make-ups, Romantic songs, Crazy people, and your FIRST DANCE!! Who can forget, the PROM ball (I suddenly missed mine! *sob sob*)
 I know somehow, the feeling and most likely the excitement we get from one of our most awaited day during our junior-senior year! Those sleepless nights we get, and haggard breaking moments, when preparing or choosing the best dress for the ball, or on what look should you be. Ir really does challenge us all! Especially us Girls right? haha So, I'm here to quiet help you guys, on what to wear  and will share some ways as well, on how to be awesome during your prom ball! :)) 

1.First thing first, Be Elegant! If you we're a competetive type of girl, who wants to own an award before the night ends, I suggest this SweetHeart Champagne Tone Mermaid Backless Ruching Dress, It's ruching beading, will surely be more elegant once, hit by the lights!

2. Feel the night like a Princess! For junior students, a long dress is a must have! I think you know already that, PROM QUEEN/KING are most likely given to senior students, and that PROM PRINCE/PRINCESS are for the juniors. Wearing this Empire A-Line Sweetheart Beaded Tulle Dress, will definitely catch the eyes of the panel, and will surely choose you as the PROM PRINCESS! A good choice indeed! :)

3. Be Sexy, yet Classy! This Red Sheath Sexy One Shoulder Sleeveless Beading will surely turn-head your crush! hihi Also in chiffon fabric! Feel sexified,all through out the night! :))

4. Be Comfortable! Nothing beats, as being comfortable when wearing one dress. This Sleeveless Black Short Empire Open Back Pleats Sexy Cocktail Dress is a must have! Well, black Never fails when it comes to fashion. I also love the surprise details at the back of this dress. So fab! :)

5. And last but definitely not the least, OWN THE NIGHT! 
By wearing this Empire Pink Tone Sleeveless Ruching Dress, with Crystal Brooch,you'll surely be heads-up and own the night!

I know, most of us once dream a fairytale-like ball ,be noticed and Proclaimed as the PROM QUEEN! 
Well, nothing is imposiible, just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and good things will follow! Also, never forget to be COMFORTABLE, CLASSY,STUNNING, BE YOURSELF, and FLAUNT your OWN STYLES!!

For more, Prom dress' choices, visit ,name it! And they'll surely have something to offer! Best of luck lovelies!! Have a good day ahead!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Date Ready

Lately, I'm receiving so many messages, asking me to blog about some date night tips and ideas (kayo ha?haha) Well I guess, you guys are having an early preparation for valentine's day!! Yiiee! Cheeseballs! 
Any who, since you are all spoiled to me, your request is my comand! (Insert some magic wand gesture  Below are some of top picks, from one of the leading Online shop, nowadays. Aupie!

For girls who are searching for a dress, that can give an extra sexified aura for their date, here's what I've got for you! Of course, you can never go wrong with a red dress! This Long Sleeves High Rise Purplish Red Lace Princess Dress, will surely catch the eye of your date! For it gives, sexy-ness by not showing too much of your skin. Carry-ng carry lang diba? :)

Cat Head Print Women's Cotton Vest Dress in Grey (also available in black), This simple yet classy dress will surely impress your guy! I suggest this for cool girls, who loves being simple and do show their real thing. Tip:101 Don't be shy to express the real you! After all, real girls, got sincere guys! ;)

When it comes to bag choices, I personally love big ones, like tote bags cause for some instances, I carry too many things (I almost bring our house at times!haha) . But for especial gatherings or night date, I prefer using pouch, shoulder or hand bags. Like this two! Remember girls, it can be less hassle if we bring only important things! A lipstick/lip bulm, face powder,blush on, a mirror, and your wallet/cards will do, wag na dalhin ang tool box okay? haha! ;) Relax! All is well!

Accessories! Hmm, for me a night date doesn't need an extravagant, or your body having an over flowing accessories, how can you enjoy the night if you're carrying too much right? Be simple!! be natural! These choices will help you (or for more fashionable choices visit

Round toe Mesh Hollow Out Golden Blasting Crack Flats

Transparent Golden Pointed Toe Pumps

This is one of the most crucial part, choosing a shoes! I really understand, why most of us want to wear a high heeled shoes during a date. Oh lovelies! please don't push yourselves to hard. Flats,tip toe,wedge shoes or sandals that Isn't that high will do! Remember, it's more important to be comfortable! Though sometimes, we need to push ourselves to the limit just to get the look we want (Tiis ganda! sabe nga nila.hihi) anywho, for more fab finds, don't forget to visit, !

In a nut shell, what matters most is you being true to yourself, and not the dress you are wearing. Always remember to express your feelings and thoughts and not to do things,just to impress others! Cause at the end of the day showing to people the real you leaves an impression. Have a nice day lovelies!! Enjoy your dates! Seize the moment!! :))

Tri-color Kicks!

You guys rarely (never) see me in kicks, for I prefer wearing high heels and doll shoes. Though I've been eye-ing some in stores. I'm scared to try it, coz' I might not carry that well and I don't have enough courage to wear one. But since it's a whole new year and I finally pour my confidence box, I think it's time to step out of my comfort zone, and try new ensembles! :)
To jump start things, I'm to try Persunmall's tri-color kicks! I hope the result is good, and that I can still rock my outfit! hihi nuff said! Let's do this! :)

Love love the cute-sy of my new baby kicks! Can't hide my smile when I saw them knocked our door, even now, that I'm doing this post! hihi No wonder it's from one of the best fashion-forward online shop! Persunmall!!! :)

Another candid pose! haha Forgive me for this sweeties!

Let's welcome 2014 with a sexier (sexier talaga? haha), fiercer and tougher looks! One of my mission this year is to be more fit, and flaunt my style in a sweet yet hotter ways! So stay tuned for that!

This tri-color wedge shoes is also available in blue-red-green, pink-purple-blue (the one I'm wearing), in white and black, and in pink. My new baby will surely fit my SABAW and minimalist outfitey! haha I love every single detail of it and please don't be surprised if you'll see me wearing this shoes on my next outfit post! ;)

On me: Pullover courtesy of Le Caprice | Spike bracelet courtesy of Everything You Find | Tri-color wedge shoes courtesy of Persunmall

Oh by the way, put your hands together for my new hair color!! Yay or nay? :) Well, I'm wearing my color proud!

For more classy, stylish and fashion forward clothes,bags,shoes and the like. Don't forget to visit Persunmall! I'm pretty sure they have something you're looking for! :)

How's your week going so far? Share it with me! I'll love to know! :) Be safe everyone! Keep praying! 
May God bless us all! :)