Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Too Long

 Ola lovelies! Perhaps, I must admit that I’m quiet fascinated with simple dress, skirts, shorts and plain tops, that I’ll love to accessorize (I guess , now you’ll have an idea what ootd’s I’m to post here!).

 Any who, I want to share with you this quick shoot we had, wearing this provocative not too long dress , as what the title says! Hihi it’s kinda short lang kase for me, though I feel comfy and sexyfied wearing it (kidding)! Haha pagbigyan nyo nalang ako! Below are some of the photos we had.

 And there goes my peep toes! Can’t help myself to fall in love with this pair,I kinda over using it though.  Trust me it isn't hard to walk with these babies plus it will boost your confidence pa while wearing it, so am I! hihi :) 

 Since I’m more into ramp modeling, it’s an extra challenge for me, to strike a pose and be comfortable lang in front of the camera,and the photographer as well, though may mga awkward moments talaga, I still conquer it! I guess? :)

Some of my candid shots! :p

"It’s not about the brand, it’s how you carry and flaunt your own style".  

On me:  dress courtesy of Robinsons department store (popstar), Primadonna peep toes.
Take care everyone!  much love! - Maine