Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Behind The Lights

I guess I still owe kwentos a promise to you guys! :p Alright, just recently, we headed to CLSU (school here in nueva) to have a BTS shoot with the very humble Mr. Marlon Dela Cruz --off course ng outfitey ko, from my super supportive an lovable sponsors! hihi  And if in case you missed it, you can check it here and here !! ♥ 
First, Aira and I fetch these girls, it's kinda awkward at first 'coz we saw new faces, but we don't missed the chance to know each other, on the way to our destination, we had an overflowing chikas! love love these girls! haha ♥

Let me introduce my new babies, starting with Hannie (wearing white),whom I used to call 
Erica  for no reason, I thought I over heard her name as erica kase,and for the whole time I was calling her by that name.Sorry babe! xD 

Next in line is Lkhae (wearing green stripes), I bet you guys she's too cute!! If you're familiar with the thai movie "A crazy little thing called love" and it's lead star P'nam? super kalokalike!haha I also gave her some of my stuffs, so Sir Marlon can take Lkhae some photos as well, game na game din naman sya! pretty girl!:))

Hey guys! what are you doing?this was supposed to be a wacky shot right? haha :D Well of course, my ever supportive friend Aira (wearing gray shirt) is there. hihi I love you from bits to pieces baby!! *sob sob* :'). Arjan (wearing yellow, azer's sister) is also present to take some shots and to have a free tutorial with sir Marlon! lol :p

To sum it all up, we had a blast that day! I'm super happy that I've got a chance to meet and be with these people, aira, arjan,hannie,lkhae and of course the man behind these lovely photos, Sir marlon!
 I love you all!!♥ Thank you for supporting me and my humble blog! we'll surely do this again next time. see you all so soon!! :)

Have a good day everyone! :))

Monday, September 23, 2013

Everything you find New Collection

When it comes to bag preferences, I'd often go for hand or sling bags, 'coz I find it much easier to carry and get style. But since were experiencing a bipolar weather now a days, I'm investing stuffs which I can bring and use anywhere I go, without worrying on how I can secure my things especially when Mr. Rain comes along my way. That's why I'm looking for jelly or water proof bags/wallets.
In a nut corner, recently my big sis Mishale Aragoncillo (owner of Everything you Find) launch her new colection, and I bet you guys I smile ear to ear when I saw this! ^_^ 
Yes! these cutie patootie jelly/silicon wallets are up in her shop! :)) It's candy colors made me fall in love a little bit deeper! I less assure you guys, that it will definitely fit your daily hangouts.

 On the other hand, Everything you Find also have a glittered inspired wallets which you can bring over night parties,and special events. I'm pretty sure you'll all love these stuffs. Imagine it shimmering when party lights heat them? A head turner indeed! :)

 In case your also searching for organizer for your accessories , you might check on this one! A watch organizer that will surely make you and your babies happy! I've heard they also have this organizer in eight 8 compartments too!
For more questions and info. you can  check Everything you Find's facebook page or follow their instagram account HERE!
You can also shop, clothes, bags, fone accessories and the like there, for a very affordable price.Let's all raid Everything you Find lovelies!! Happy shopping! :))

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Princess Party

I think every girl at some point in her early life wonder's what's it's like to be a princess. 
They like the idea of dressing up, and the fun of it. Last Monday, my mom and I attended a party. 
I was so excited for that one, not just because I’m to witness another girl’s especial day, but also, 
mother dear is the organizer of the party! Oha!:p I swear super career at aligaga sya for preparations,
 she even started planning 2-3 months ago! :)

Any who, I think it’s a tradition narin nowadays, to celebrate the 7th birthday of girls, as a pre-debut celebration. I also remember having this kind of party when I turned 7, many years ago! Lol. The theme centered in being a princess, so as what the title says. :))

Let me introduce to you the Princess celebrant, Roseleigh. hihi Isn't she cute? I talked to her before the party started and she's super witty and kind. I also ask mom, if we can bring her home.haha! ♥ 

I love the details of her gown, see those gems? it keeps on shimmering from a far, 
if only I can wear it! haha :))

Roseleigh is now a grade 2 student, and she loves watching movies and spend most of her time with her family and friends. As I talked to her, I was mesmerized with her words, as she state how she loves her parents, she's too sweet! and I was like *sob sob* lang the whole time ;) I can't believe that at her age, her perceptions to life are so mature, well that's how witty she is. :))

The program goes like this, kids/participants will tell their wish and/or messages to Roseleigh as they give their symbolic things such : 7 chocolates, candles,gifts,envelopes,roses balloons. :)

Spot me here? hahaha! I'm not that prepared when the host called me. Good thing I'm not mental blocked, and just enjoyed the moment. lels! :p

These babies are too cute as they tell their wishes to Roseleigh, some of them are too shy , and so they just greeted her a happy birthday! :)

Right after the program, we munch over good foods na! Nom Nom! hihi 

Of course mawawala ba ang fun games?? I suddenly missed playing these things, sarap maging bata! :))

I remember Roseleigh joined this game, and she cried after, cause someone bumped her head, though it was an accident, it's funny when I found out that she cried not because she was hurt, but it's her hair that had been messed. hahaha! and she cry much more when she found out that her make up was broken. She won't stop crying and so I fixed it, and when she saw it in the mirror, she stand and play with other kids, na parang walang nangyare. lol she's too kikay!! hahah :)))

Loot bags, full of toys and candies for the winners. ♥

The party ended with the traditional blowing of cake-candles and opening of gifts, she smiles from ear to ear as she opens her gifts. Fun-filled day it is! :)) A princess will always be a princess. Happy birthday baby! ♥ 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Miss Cross Dresser

Weeks ago, I've got messages and mails from you guys, asking me to crossed-dress or try a “not so girly-look”. I actually picture myself wearing loose tops, be funky and dressed up like boys, and since you guys are spoiled to me, you’re wish is my command! Wink! ;) I hope you’ll like it (cross-fingers) and please appreciate my effort in wearing one! Haha

I also raided my dad’s closet, and there I find this top from Reebok, I love the color and so I picked this together with my Mango shorts. Isn't it cute?  :D (Hi father dear! Here’s what I did to your shirt! Peace out! ♥)

I'll let you know the stories behind this photos and what we did on that day next time, for now, outfit muna! hihi What to wear on my next outfit post? Any Suggestions lovelies?

On me: top from Reebok, Mango shorts, and silver doll shoes from Dexter.
I hope you love my post! Take everyone! :*

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Neon Pink!

I think I haven’t tried wearing neon ensembles on my outfit, because I’m afraid it won’t match my skin color :p , though, I've been sighting  some pairs for quite some time now. And finally!!! After a long wait of pouring out my confidence box, I already had a way courage to wear one! Yey!   Two thumbs up for that!  Or a happy dance instead? haha  
From the moment I saw this top from pretty in pink I know to myself that I have to get one!  And from that day, I already knew that my white pair of shorts will compliment with its color.

Remember my spoiler-alert post about the bag I’m endorsing from everything you find?  I still can’t get over with the cuteness of this one! It’s super handy, and at the same time, I can easily put all my stuffs inside. I really love this bag! thank you ate Mishale!!  

You can use this bag in two ways, either a hand or a sling bag, for more classy bag choices please do visit everything you find facebook page HERE!.

And to complete my neon ensemble, I accessorize it with these new babies! A neon green mustache necklace and a Handmade anchor & wheel bracelet courtesy of Payless, this cutiepatooties are worth to have, they’re selling clothes and other accessories too, visit their shop Here!.

I can’t help myself not to smile and be so kilig while we’re on the shoot! Hihi I love you sponsors! For sending me these gifts!♥  Wink! ;)

On me : Neon top courtesy of Pretty in Pink, white Mango shorts, pumps form Primadonna, Kristine’s white bag and Ribbon ring courtesy of Everything you find, Mustache in neon green, anchor and wheel bracelet courtesy of Payless.

I hope you guys love my post! Take care lovelies! ♥

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st

If you've been reading my blog for quiet some time now, I think you guys already know how happy and kilig  *woot!* I am when people comes my way and offer for sponsorship's on my humble blog. I feel so lucky and blessed to have them, for they never leave me in this venture, I hope my humble blog and it's simple ways helped you guys in promoting your shops as well! ♥

Any who my blog sponsors/friends are having big discounts, and other surprises for their faithful and lovely buyers! *wink!*  ; which you can see below. :))
Everything you Find One of my sweetest blog sponsor is in big sale! Their bags are one of the best for me, super handy and classy! Spoiler alert?! (I'll be endorsing one of their best seller bag soon!). I'm so excited to share with our recent photo shoot. hihi :)
Oh!and by the way, you can avail this TOUGH travel bag at a very affordable price too! you can check this bag here! :))

 Payless September Collection is up! stay tuned for their latest upload! But for now let me share some clothes they're selling. :))

Feel free to visit Payless Facebook page Here! 

Finding for the cutest ideas that can turn a simple day into an unforgettable one? or should I say do you Love surprises??  I have a good news for you! An event planner/organizer Secret Surprise is in town! filled with extraordinary surprises for you! for more info, check their lovely facebook page HERE! 

Ber months is on! Can't wait for Christmas already! Good vibes lang tayo lovelies! and To my lovely sponsors, I want to thank you guys for your support, you have no idea how great full I am for having you! See you so soon big sisters!! ♥