Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feel The Heat!

Hi there lovelies!  As  The Miami  Heat claims their victory against The San Antonio Spurs,  I’ve decided to relate my first outfit post to them, :3 (just FYI, I’m an avid fan of The Miami Heat Team, most specially to their star players, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Ray Allen and Chris “Birdman” Andersen hihi! J )
Going back, let me tell you some of the reasons why I love the warm weather, “The Heat”. First, here in the Philippines, we experience only two climates, tropical and monsoonal, knowing that well it’s quiet obvious that we have no choice but to enjoy this climate. Though sometimes it’s freaking hot, and we can no longer tolerate it, we do have some remedies (most likely, we tend to go to malls,hang out with friends ,drink and eat cold beverages, or by just simply turning our air-conditioners on). Second,every time I wake up, get out of my bed and prepare myself for that day, whether there is an event or none, positivity always comes my way, for no reasons, it make feel alive and enthusiastic. Third,dressing up, taking shots , going out, and exploring the beautiful things around us are perfect for this kind of weather! (di masyadong hassle unlike when it’s raining) .
Don’t you love it too? Share your thoughts, I am so glad to hear them. ;)

Any who, I thank God the sun is out today, although it’s freaking hot!! Kaya naman, inguinal  shorts ganap ko. Haha!  Below are some shots from our shoot. J It takes us a lot of time just to take a single shot! Dame ko kaseng tawa the whole time.Lol

 As you can see at my back, the view is so refreshing, which made me fall inlove with the place. It isn’t that hard to find a perfect spot here.

Me and my ohh so messy hair! >.< 

                                 (anlakas maka wind effect) Haha!  forgive me for this! :))