Monday, July 1, 2013

Minion Overload!

“Small, yellow, pill-shaped humanized creatures” that’s how I usually describe them. Those cutie pathooties who have one or two eyes, always made my day.  Whenever I am to watch their videos, or by just simply listens to their banana song, set my mood. They’re more than just a tranquilizers to everyone.

 Why do I/we love them? Maybe because there’s something with these rambunctious bunch of simple-minded beings, that captures not only our eyes and nevertheless, our hearts :their  unique features to tell them apart, such as height, number of their big round eyes, their color?, jumper outfits, jolly looks, and the way they talk (Their language that’s basic, they tend to speak like strange jabber and choose to express themselves through actions, not words) made us all fell in love with them. :))

 As far as I remember, I watched despicable me with azer, at first, I don’t actually want to watch it because I’m feeling lazy at that time. But then again it’s worth a try, and tadaahh! Super na enjoy ko yung movie haha! Not to mention our laugh trip moments. And I’m looking forward to watch the 2nd movie with him! Yay! Cheesy!! =">  Anyway  if you guys plan to watch the said movie also, here are the schedules  from SM cinema.

            And if you guys  would love to play the most said minion rush, feel free to download it here
          -->>Minion rush--playstore 

 I am supposed to share with you a video of my cray cray friends singing the banana song but unfortunately,
we can’t no longer find the file *sigh* . Anyway, 4 days to go, and the most awaited movie is here (movie of the year?maybe, let's see) yay!! :)) I'm pretty sure haba ng pila sa mga cinema's nyan! haha. Must save the date everyone! :)) much love!! -Maine <3