Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Miss Cross Dresser

Weeks ago, I've got messages and mails from you guys, asking me to crossed-dress or try a “not so girly-look”. I actually picture myself wearing loose tops, be funky and dressed up like boys, and since you guys are spoiled to me, you’re wish is my command! Wink! ;) I hope you’ll like it (cross-fingers) and please appreciate my effort in wearing one! Haha

I also raided my dad’s closet, and there I find this top from Reebok, I love the color and so I picked this together with my Mango shorts. Isn't it cute?  :D (Hi father dear! Here’s what I did to your shirt! Peace out! ♥)

I'll let you know the stories behind this photos and what we did on that day next time, for now, outfit muna! hihi What to wear on my next outfit post? Any Suggestions lovelies?

On me: top from Reebok, Mango shorts, and silver doll shoes from Dexter.
I hope you love my post! Take everyone! :*