Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Out!

Everyone deserves a break, indeed I must have one! After days of sleepless nights in doing some stuffs related to my blog. I definitely missed school! Especially having a day out with mii’loves (girlfriends). I can’t get through this loneliness for not seeing them *sigh* though some of them visited me the past few days, I’m still longing for their touch (ok what was that? haha). Any who a “girl’s date” will definitely blew me away! Plus an experiment I did for my denim outfit that you’ll be seeing later on this post.

First , Let me introduce to you my gorg date girlfriends! Yda (beside me) and cheska (on the right side of your screens) see how lovely these girls are!

Oww! and by the way that pretty babe beside ches is our baby aira! hi baby! hihi ♥

Yd and this cute pink heels! so candid-ly cute. haha

Trying to find a good bag that I can bring everywhere.

How do you like my outfit-experiment? hihi This denim jeans which I got from harvard is one of my favorite! so comfy to wear and so easy to pair up with other wardrobes.

On me:  Top from White Stag, Jeans from Harvard , floral shoes from Priviledged

Finally had a picture together! haha A day well spent! I miss and love you from bits to pieces girls.♥ 
Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies, will soon be embracing the month of  August! keep safe! xx :))

Friday, July 26, 2013

Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen

Almost every girl, dream to be beauty queen. Some of us are even willing to pay expensive beauty products, and undergone  a high-cost procedures just to achieve the look they want. Being a beauty queen is more than just having a perfect pretty face , to be lined with them I guess one should  embodies traits/characters (physically,mentally,socially and emotionally) that are worthy enough to own the title of being a “beauty queen”. Alright so why am I talking about this thingy all of a sudden? ?  Well weeks ago there’s this unique reality gaming show that starts to air in studio 23 called “Gusto Ko Maging Beauty Queen (GKMBQ)” where in contestants are taught on how to become a beauty queen.
GKMBQ does not conform to the stereotypical appearance of a person but basically sympathizes with the person's perception of her complete persona. The management believes that beauty already exist in each one of us; we just need to draw it out. There's more to beauty queens than what is normally portrayed in pageants.

Eleven finalists have been chosen to compete: Air Paz, Japo Parcero, Pam Velasco, Gillien Camino, Racquel Ramachandra Raja Gopal, Darlene Pearl Anderson, Alora Sasam, Marlene-Velasco Depi, Karen Navarro, Shierleen Humphries, and Kat Taylor. Finalists will go thru various positive transformations on Physical Appearance, Personality Development, Image Enhancement, Career Development, and Goal Setting

Contestants Air, Alora, Budek and Darlene (from, left to right facing your screens! ♥)

 Gillien , Japo, Karen, and Kat! :)


Pammy ,Racquel, and Shai! ♥

This year’s batch was chosen via go-sees, online applications and provincial audition. Their ages range from 19 to 33 and have very colorful backgrounds. “One candidate is lesbian; one has psoriasis. Another has alopecia. We also have a performer, a battered wife, a rocker, and a former wild child. As viewers watch the episodes, we want them to relate and learn from the experiences of the finalists,” reveals Charo, who is also officer-in-charge of Beverly Hills 6750, Asia’s premier multi-aesthetics institute, the show’s presenter.

A rolled into one inspirational reality search, beauty makeover, and beauty pageant . The show is hosted by Angel Jacob. Resident judge and mentor are Ms. World 2011 1st Princess Gwendolyn Ruais, and A-list producer Mike Carandang of America's Next Top Model. GKMBQ's show as a vehicle of women empowerment will definitely change our perceptions on how ladies are mold and made to be a 
beauty queen.

Who we will be the first to walk on the This is the "Walk of Shame" where the girls must turn-over their sash and go home let’s all find out tomorrow on their episode 4 lovelies!! Let's all tuned in to studio 23 at 10:30-11:30 AM every Saturday and enjoy the rest of our weekend! :))

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” ― Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Ola lovelies! Calling all BAGaholics out there! My friend xx sponsor Ms. Mishale Aragoncillo owner of everything you find will be having a big SALE!! Bags fresh from Singapore, Thailand and Hong kong!  she really is that thoughtful for she’ll be giving discounts in every purchased bag. Can you believe that this bags’ price will start at 550 pesos each? Very affordable right? Yet I assure you how classy and stylish these babies are.  So  what are you waiting for? Got no time for second thought ladies, for she will sell limited items only. Don’t dare to missed this chance. Grab one now! 

Since you guys are spoiled to me. Here are some of the bags she’ll be selling.

 Cath Kidston collection speedy bag availabe in green, blue and red.

Another speedy floral bag from Cath kidston collection

Celine in white feather (hand/sling bag)

Leather shoulder/mail mans bag in brown vintage color. I'm in love with this one!♥

Kristine's metallic bag, available in yellow-gold,blue-green and hot pink.This cutie pathotiie is a must have! Agree? ^_^

Knight bag in tan and in silver color elite look

On hand animal inspired bag in red color. :)

Barbie Inspired, pink hand/sling bag.

You guys can also buy, shoes,watch, accessories and the so in her shop. And for more bag choices feel free to visit it HERE!! Happy shopping everyone, may the best bagaholic win! ♥

Saturday, July 20, 2013

After the Storm

 Way back , years ago, when  I was still in grade school, while we’re all busy listening to our subject teacher  (most probably discussing at that moment. Lol ) a thunder strikes from somewhere, I was so scared and definitely carried away. Unconsciously, I hugged my classmate dash seatmate, and it took me a while to realize(finally) how embarrassing it was, ganito lang naman kase ang ganap ng face nya (0_0) haha! Alright, enough for my reminiscing stuff, let’s go back to the real meaning of my post-title!

 As of my experience, I failed, countless time I think and there’s this thing na one of my greatest dream talaga since I was young but unfortunately, I didn't make it *sigh*.  But you know what’s good after that storm? It gives me the courage, strength and hope of what a bright tomorrow might bring. That storm made me stronger, wiser and tougher so as to continue what I've started. If you guys, feel useless/hopeless for something you haven't achieve,don't be! you/we can do better next time at least now you probably can identify in what situation you lack that you need to concentrate more on with. Good vibes lang tayo! God do have BETTER plans for us! right?  

I remember, my older brother (by heart) defining what FAIL is, First Attempt ILearning. He also told me to learn to bite into the bright side of the situation, see how sweet he is . hihi ♥

Any who, here's another set of photos, from another quick shoot we had. Since I want to embrace positivity here in my blog as much as possible. I think it's better to share this one-fun-day I had lately, and my ootd na din at the same time! :))

On me: top from pretty simple, skirt from bazaar, silver doll shoes from dexter.

We may fail many times, but we shouldn't  ever think of quitting and must keep in mind that defeat was just a detour and not a dead end! 

Alright. Why am I being so candid these days? haha! ♥

Ola lovelies, I just want to take this opportunity to thank my new lovely sponsors : everything you find  by ms. mishale aragoncillo, Payless , and Blue star Production. Yay! ^_^ I'm so thankful and excited to work with you guys soon, and I will surely post an update here, including our photo shoots and events. Have an awesome weekend everyone! :)) -maine ♥

Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Too Long

 Ola lovelies! Perhaps, I must admit that I’m quiet fascinated with simple dress, skirts, shorts and plain tops, that I’ll love to accessorize (I guess , now you’ll have an idea what ootd’s I’m to post here!).

 Any who, I want to share with you this quick shoot we had, wearing this provocative not too long dress , as what the title says! Hihi it’s kinda short lang kase for me, though I feel comfy and sexyfied wearing it (kidding)! Haha pagbigyan nyo nalang ako! Below are some of the photos we had.

 And there goes my peep toes! Can’t help myself to fall in love with this pair,I kinda over using it though.  Trust me it isn't hard to walk with these babies plus it will boost your confidence pa while wearing it, so am I! hihi :) 

 Since I’m more into ramp modeling, it’s an extra challenge for me, to strike a pose and be comfortable lang in front of the camera,and the photographer as well, though may mga awkward moments talaga, I still conquer it! I guess? :)

Some of my candid shots! :p

"It’s not about the brand, it’s how you carry and flaunt your own style".  

On me:  dress courtesy of Robinsons department store (popstar), Primadonna peep toes.
Take care everyone!  much love! - Maine

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nurse in Camouflage

 We often see nurses in the hospitals wearing their white uniforms or sometimes in their scrub suit. Nurses love,care and dedication to their field made them a true hero (especially to those who are struggling hard in other countries just to feed their families here. hooray! for you guys!), but despite of their hard works, just to make sure clients will be comfortable and are in the good hands,  mind you guys! bume-version 2.0 din sila!

 Going back,this seminar I’d attended was about the awareness and other fields where nurses can excel. Being a military nurse can be extra special, for these people are not just fighting for someone's life, but also pledge to help in protecting our country. I , personally, salute all the military nurses!
Below are some of the photos during the seminar!♥


Giving of trophy,together with the college of nursing faculty.

Sir Archie on the right side (facing you) of your screens!
Say hi to my sisterloo Yda, and to our clinical instructor Sir Froi! :)
Ola kuya Joash (wearing purple) & Mark (wearing white) I miss you both!

                                                   My'sexified babies, Grace & Xandra :)

Certified Primadonna Girl! yiie! ♥

Mii'girls!♥ hihi :))

On me :cream button down courtesy of liberté, black skirt from bazaar, green-orange peep toes courtesy of primadonna  ,blue vintage necklace from Sweet & Spicy, yellow sling bag courtesy of egg.
Greetings to my colleagues who pass the June 2 & 3 Nursing Licensure Exam.Congratulations everyone! :)))