Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Since I consider myself a freshman in the blogging world, I’ve decided to share with you (who & what are) my inspiration and the reasons why I’m into this. Let’s start the countdown lovelies! :)

 First in my list is Tyra Banks, she’ll be my forever goddess when it comes to ramp modeling. Her gorgeous body and face make my jaw drops talaga :))

 Second is my favorite fashion designer, Mr. Rajo Laurel, his dedication and love for fashion made me admire him. He’s definitely one of a kind.

cray cray friends! ♥ they're maybe the craziest , yet the sweetest! instant HMUAand STYLIST ko mga yan, talagang career ang pagiging supportive. hihi 

mii'fambam! Here's a photo of my la familia (mother's side). Unfortunately , I don't have a photo with popa's side huhu. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll hand some,soon, that I'll love to share with you guys! :))

Ola azer! :D Thank you for your outpouring support! I appreciate it so much! :)

Third on my list  are my ever supportive friends and family! ♥ if not for them, I am no one. I'm just so lucky to have them. :')

  Last but NOT the least are Ms. Lauren Uy (model,actress,and a fashion blogger), and Ms. Camille Co (fashion blogger, model), and yes! I'm a big fan of these girls, they are my inspiration why I'm in this industry. I love how they carry their outfits, and flaunt it everywhere. The way they rule their styles, are truly admirable! How I  wish to meet and be with these lovelies in the future!!  :))) 

 There you have it lovelies! my apologies, if I haven't able to post these fast few days! bawi ako! :))