Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Behind The Lights

I guess I still owe kwentos a promise to you guys! :p Alright, just recently, we headed to CLSU (school here in nueva) to have a BTS shoot with the very humble Mr. Marlon Dela Cruz --off course ng outfitey ko, from my super supportive an lovable sponsors! hihi  And if in case you missed it, you can check it here and here !! ♥ 
First, Aira and I fetch these girls, it's kinda awkward at first 'coz we saw new faces, but we don't missed the chance to know each other, on the way to our destination, we had an overflowing chikas! love love these girls! haha ♥

Let me introduce my new babies, starting with Hannie (wearing white),whom I used to call 
Erica  for no reason, I thought I over heard her name as erica kase,and for the whole time I was calling her by that name.Sorry babe! xD 

Next in line is Lkhae (wearing green stripes), I bet you guys she's too cute!! If you're familiar with the thai movie "A crazy little thing called love" and it's lead star P'nam? super kalokalike!haha I also gave her some of my stuffs, so Sir Marlon can take Lkhae some photos as well, game na game din naman sya! pretty girl!:))

Hey guys! what are you doing?this was supposed to be a wacky shot right? haha :D Well of course, my ever supportive friend Aira (wearing gray shirt) is there. hihi I love you from bits to pieces baby!! *sob sob* :'). Arjan (wearing yellow, azer's sister) is also present to take some shots and to have a free tutorial with sir Marlon! lol :p

To sum it all up, we had a blast that day! I'm super happy that I've got a chance to meet and be with these people, aira, arjan,hannie,lkhae and of course the man behind these lovely photos, Sir marlon!
 I love you all!!♥ Thank you for supporting me and my humble blog! we'll surely do this again next time. see you all so soon!! :)

Have a good day everyone! :))