Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Princess Party

I think every girl at some point in her early life wonder's what's it's like to be a princess. 
They like the idea of dressing up, and the fun of it. Last Monday, my mom and I attended a party. 
I was so excited for that one, not just because I’m to witness another girl’s especial day, but also, 
mother dear is the organizer of the party! Oha!:p I swear super career at aligaga sya for preparations,
 she even started planning 2-3 months ago! :)

Any who, I think it’s a tradition narin nowadays, to celebrate the 7th birthday of girls, as a pre-debut celebration. I also remember having this kind of party when I turned 7, many years ago! Lol. The theme centered in being a princess, so as what the title says. :))

Let me introduce to you the Princess celebrant, Roseleigh. hihi Isn't she cute? I talked to her before the party started and she's super witty and kind. I also ask mom, if we can bring her home.haha! ♥ 

I love the details of her gown, see those gems? it keeps on shimmering from a far, 
if only I can wear it! haha :))

Roseleigh is now a grade 2 student, and she loves watching movies and spend most of her time with her family and friends. As I talked to her, I was mesmerized with her words, as she state how she loves her parents, she's too sweet! and I was like *sob sob* lang the whole time ;) I can't believe that at her age, her perceptions to life are so mature, well that's how witty she is. :))

The program goes like this, kids/participants will tell their wish and/or messages to Roseleigh as they give their symbolic things such : 7 chocolates, candles,gifts,envelopes,roses balloons. :)

Spot me here? hahaha! I'm not that prepared when the host called me. Good thing I'm not mental blocked, and just enjoyed the moment. lels! :p

These babies are too cute as they tell their wishes to Roseleigh, some of them are too shy , and so they just greeted her a happy birthday! :)

Right after the program, we munch over good foods na! Nom Nom! hihi 

Of course mawawala ba ang fun games?? I suddenly missed playing these things, sarap maging bata! :))

I remember Roseleigh joined this game, and she cried after, cause someone bumped her head, though it was an accident, it's funny when I found out that she cried not because she was hurt, but it's her hair that had been messed. hahaha! and she cry much more when she found out that her make up was broken. She won't stop crying and so I fixed it, and when she saw it in the mirror, she stand and play with other kids, na parang walang nangyare. lol she's too kikay!! hahah :)))

Loot bags, full of toys and candies for the winners. ♥

The party ended with the traditional blowing of cake-candles and opening of gifts, she smiles from ear to ear as she opens her gifts. Fun-filled day it is! :)) A princess will always be a princess. Happy birthday baby! ♥