Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nurse in Camouflage

 We often see nurses in the hospitals wearing their white uniforms or sometimes in their scrub suit. Nurses love,care and dedication to their field made them a true hero (especially to those who are struggling hard in other countries just to feed their families here. hooray! for you guys!), but despite of their hard works, just to make sure clients will be comfortable and are in the good hands,  mind you guys! bume-version 2.0 din sila!

 Going back,this seminar I’d attended was about the awareness and other fields where nurses can excel. Being a military nurse can be extra special, for these people are not just fighting for someone's life, but also pledge to help in protecting our country. I , personally, salute all the military nurses!
Below are some of the photos during the seminar!♥


Giving of trophy,together with the college of nursing faculty.

Sir Archie on the right side (facing you) of your screens!
Say hi to my sisterloo Yda, and to our clinical instructor Sir Froi! :)
Ola kuya Joash (wearing purple) & Mark (wearing white) I miss you both!

                                                   My'sexified babies, Grace & Xandra :)

Certified Primadonna Girl! yiie! ♥

Mii'girls!♥ hihi :))

On me :cream button down courtesy of liberté, black skirt from bazaar, green-orange peep toes courtesy of primadonna  ,blue vintage necklace from Sweet & Spicy, yellow sling bag courtesy of egg.
Greetings to my colleagues who pass the June 2 & 3 Nursing Licensure Exam.Congratulations everyone! :)))