Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Morning

 Since I've been busy doing some review related stuffs lately, I think it's about time to finally have an outfit post. hihi At dahil bumabawi ako, i'm here again to spoiled my sweetest readers. I'll be having an activity here in my blog, called : Pretty Simple's Dress Me Up Challenge, where you guys can suggest some outfits you want me to wear on my next OOTD post! (More of the Details about this blog activity below) No matter how dainty it is.haha I'll try my best to satisfy you ! ✌

On the other hand, my post' title is inspired by Maroon 5's hit song Sunday morning (obviously lol). Been LSS (last song syndrome) for it for about a week now, I think? Though it's quiet old na, still can't help myself singing it over and over.😊 

Showing of my girly side! Lazy dressing on a Sunday morning. Hihi!❤

 These new babies of mine from Everything you find are so loved! Thankyou ate Mishale for sending me these bangles! Will surely use this on my next outfit posts. Love you! 💋💋

 On me: Hanging shirt courtesy of Forever21| Skater skirt from bazaar| Shoes, Artwork| Bangles courtesy of Everything you find

 Before, I wonder why girls love to wear skater skirts, till I discover it by myself! It's super comfy pala to wear, and I can easily pair it up with simple tops like this. Plus this doll shoes from Art work (Azer's gift) complete my outfit. Perfect for my Sunday agenda with parents! 👍💗

                                            Here's how to join Pretty Simple's blog activity:
 Good luck lovelies! Looking forward to your suggestions! Have a nice day Everyone!
 God bless !💋