Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen : Coronation Night! ♥

Remember my post regarding this reality Tv Show airing in Studio 23? In case you guys missed it, you can check it here
So as I was saying, the newest reality show that promises to turn ordinary-looking Filipinas into 
the Philippines' next beauty titlists, crowned their new Beauty Queen.They’re not your typical beauty queen-wannabes, but each one of them has an inspiring story to tell. If you've 
been following “Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen” (GKMBQ),? I'm pretty sure that you already know some of their stories, and might as well have your bets. hihi Nevertheless, let me share with you what happened during the much awaited coronation night. I can't wait to share with you, who the winners are! :)

Behind-the-scenes pictures of the Pageant Night of our aspiring beauty queens at Tivoli Royale Executive Village.
11 girls 11 stories, 1 crown. These girls indeed made us cry, laugh and never failed to inspire us in every episode.

Our girls, making an impression on their Production number. :)

Showing some curves on their swimsuit attire. :)

Awarded as Miss Friendship (Alora) and Miss Photogenic (Darlene) :)

After weeks of challenges, Training's and appearances their projection of one's self-image, boost their confidence and definitely help them feel at their best

The GKMBQ  Top 5: Alora, Darlene, Air, Japo and Gillien

Now, let me reveal the lucky winners! Which I'm itching to tell you. haha :))

2nd Runner up is our Hataw and Super Mom Air Paz


1st Runner up is our Bald and Bold Gillien Camino


And our 1st Modern Pinay Beauty is our Radical Chick Japo Parcero !  
Just for some inf.  Japo has a degree in AB Philosophy from UP. A former ‘hardcore underground activist’ she is a member of the Cebu Dragon Boat Team and an environmentalist. She also dabbles in film(documentaries) and photography. She's indeed deserves the crown! :)) 
Congratulations again Miss Japo! ♥